February 4th 2011:  Frequency Friday in Cedar Rapids
Sidney Frost, M.Gervais, Matt Rissi

January 8th 2011:  System in Minneapolis
Dustin Zahn, M.Gervais, Dave Avid

December 11th 2010:  Isolée in Minneapolis
Isolée, Timefog

November 18th 2010:  DROID presents PRIME in L.A.
Ben Klock, M.Gervais

November 13th 2010:  Audio Injection @ Black
Timefog, Audio Injection

November 6th 2010:  Oktave in Minneapolis
Jeff Derringer, Timefog

October 30th 2010:  Apolloween in Minneapolis
Math Static, Veiss, Apollo Cobra, Estate, The Feelin’ Band, Mike Moilanen, Centrific, James Patrick *live

September 28th-October 3rd 2010:  SPARK FESTIVAL in Minneapolis
Timefog, Drumcell, Acid Circus aka Raiz, Paul Birken, Mikkel Meyer, Furt, The Friction Brothers…church………….

September 25th 2010:  Oktave Presents:  Timefog @ National Underground in New York City
Timefog, Jeff Derringer, Hoffman

September 11th 2010:  Kyle Geiger @ First Avenue in Minneapolis
Kyle Geiger, Digital Rush

September 4th 2010:  Noah Pred @ Soundbar in Minneapolis
Noah Pred, M.Gervais, James Patrick

August 14th 2010:  Butane @ First Avenue in Minneapolis
Butane, Jesse Jakob

August 7th 2010:  Hernan Sanchez @ Soundbar in Minneapolis
James Patrick, Hernan Sanchez

July 31st 2010:  Timefog on the Beach in Mexico
M.Gervais + James Patrick, David, Gabs, Nix

July 23rd 2010: Bassgasm 2 @ First Avenue in Minneapolis
Mike G, Terry Mullan, Tommie Sunshine, Soviet Panda, Nancy Cheng, Guy Jean, + many many more!

July 15th 2010:  Thursday at STAY in New York
Jacob Hoffman, Ahmed Hashim, Kyu, PJay

July 10th 2010: Timefog @ First Ave Record Room in Minneapolis
Jon Margulies, James Patrick, AJ Lance

June 19th 2010:  MEME – Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition
M.Gervais, Mike Monday, Billy Dalessandro, Pezzner, Voodeux, Noah Pred, Dubmatix

June 19th 2010:  BLISS @ secret location in Chicago
James Patrick, Mike Brankis, Kirkwood West, Zarbeat, Sevron, Slowerson

June 12th 2010:  Timefog @ First Ave Record Room in Minneapolis
Andy Fargo, Jim Weiss, James Patrick, M.Gervais

June 2nd 2010:  Vinyl Did It night @ Watergate in Berlin
Jon Hester, Oliver Deutschmann, youANDme, Dia

May 15th 2010:  Asylum @ Lime Lounge in Des Moines
M.Gervais, Mustafa Avdic

May 8th 2010:  Black @ First Ave. / VIP in Mpls
M.Gervais, James Patrick, Jesse Jakob, Aaron Bliss

May 1st 2010:  Animal Control @ 414 Soundbar in Minneapolis
Silentcorp, James Patrick, M.Gervais

April 17th: Black hosted by Loud n Clear presents:  Skoozbot @ First Ave. / VIP in Mpls
Skoozbot, James Patrick, M.Gervais

April 9th: Solar Cathedral Recordings vs. Timefog presents:  A Pornstalls Ball in Cedar Rapids
James Patrick, M.Gervais, Mustafa Avdic, Matt Rissi

April 3rd: Timefog monthly @ 414 Soundbar in Mpls
Moksha, James Patrick, M.Gervais

March 27th: Timefog presents:  Bruno Pronsato @ First Ave. / VIP in Mpls
Bruno Pronsato, PLCK

Mar 13th:  Mike Gervais in Los Angeles presented by Droid Behavior
Jimmy Edgar + Richard Devine + Mike Gervais + Ed Isar

Mar 6th: Timefog monthly @ 414 Soundbar in Mpls
Christian James, James Patrick, M.Gervais

Feb 12th: Timefog presents:  Sammy Dee @ 414 Soundbar in Mpls
Sammy Dee, Paw Lick

Feb 6th: Timefog monthly @ 414 Soundbar in Mpls
Zarbeat, M.Gervais, JamesPatrick

Jan 2nd: Timefog monthly @ 414 Soundbar in Mpls
Someone Else, M.Gervais, JamesPatrick, Tleilaxu

Dec 31st: Timefog presents 2010 “the year we make contact”

Dec 5th: Timefog monthly @ 414 Soundbar in Mpls

M.Gervais, JamesPatrick, Sidney Frost, and Jim Weiss

Nov 28th: Timefog heads to Winnipeg
M.Gervais, JamesPatrick, and Nancy Cheng head to Winnipeg Manitoba to meet up with our Canadian friends at REPUBLIC.

October 31st: HALLOWEEN I think I’m a Monster – Iowa
M.Gervais and JamesPatrick head to Iowa for a completely crazy Halloween party. Cornfed craziness.

October 3rd: Timefog monthly party @ 414 Soundbar in Mpls
James Patrick, M.Gervais

October 17th: Droid 7 year Anniversary  – Los Angeles, California
Timefog heads to LA to celebrate the DROID anniversary. JamesPatrick and M.Gervais

Saturday Sept 26th: Timefog presents Tony Rohr

Saturday Sept 11th: Red hot MPLS underground mayhem @ Future Classic

Saturday Sept 5th: 414 Soundbar
M.Gervais and Mike Moilanen

Sunday July 26th: Timefog heads to Communion at Solera
Performances by Acid Circus, Decimal, Zahn, M.Gervais, Centrific, and Jacob Hoffman
Holy Baskets!!!

Friday July 24th: Acid Circus, M.Gervais get srs at The Loft

Tuesday July 21st: Animal Control
this week we celebrate M.Gervais’ birthday with an extended set by the birthday guy himself.

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